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Abstract Submission Guidelines
The Program Committee of AMBS 2014 invites all interested individuals to submit abstracts to be considered for Oral/Poster Presentation. Anyone who is interested in oral/poster presentation should submit the abstract by June 15, 2014. The abstract should be submitted via online. All abstracts will be reviewed by the scientific committee and assigned to appropriate sessions

  • Abstract should be submitted via online by July 31, 2014 .
  • Abstract should be written in English using the abstract template form (MS DOC file) which can be downloaded from this page.
  • MS DOC file should be uploaded in order to proceed to the next step.
  • Authors may further edit and modify submitted abstracts until the submission deadline. Please ensure that text does not contain typos or grammatical errors.
  • No Proofreading will be carried out, and no corrections will be possible after the submission deadline.
  • Abstract submission implies that at least one of the authors agrees to register and present at the conference. It is strongly recommended for presenting authors to make an early registration by July 15, 2014.
    (If the presenting author does not register by March 31, 2013, the abstract may be automatically withdrawn from the final program.)
Via website (on-line) :
You may submit your abstract on-line by clicking and completing all required fields.
Should you encounter any difficulties in submitting your abstract, do not hesitate to contact the secretariat.
E-mail :
Review Process
Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee and evaluated in terms of their appropriateness and their overall quality. Abstracts will be assessed on their acceptability and eligibility as oral or poster presentations in a constructive and educational way.
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